Democratising Sustainable Mobility

We accelerate the electric mobility revolution by providing companies and individuals access to advance, safe and smart EV propulsion system technology for their products.

Revolutionising Motion with Magnet-Free Technology

Experience Unmatched Performance with the World's First Magnet-Free Motor that Outperforms Traditional Magnet-Based Motors using Cutting-Edge Technology.

Smart Bike
Smart Bike

Transform ordinary bike into a Smart Bike

Transform your ordinary bike into a smart and efficient e-bike with our wireless kit - ride farther, faster, and smarter. Upgrade your ride with smart connectivity. Empower your bike with our wireless e-bike kit.

Smart Bike
Smart Bike


Pioneers in
electric drivetrain

Volektra is transforming the way companies & individuals think about electric vehicles.

Offering high-performance electric drivetrain platforms as easy-to-install kits, Volektra’s VSAC tech (Volektra Smart and Connected) allows existing vehicles of all types to be converted into clean, efficient, EVs.


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Volektra is lowering the technological barriers to join sustainable mobility
Smart Bike

With Volektra,
it’s never been easier to join the Electric revolution

Change the world in 15 minutes

Convert traditional vehicles into smart EVs in less time than it takes to make breakfast.

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4 Wheeler

Electric 4 Wheelers with total Weight less than 2 Tonnes

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VSAC Tech for Companies

With the extensive costs involved in developing EV platforms, VSAC technology allows companies to quickly and affordably create their own ranges of electric vehicles.

Providing vehicle manufacturers with a complete drivetrain hardware and software solution, VSAC puts companies in the EV production fast lane.

For Companies
For Individuals


VSAC Tech for Individuals

With a decent e-bike costing between $1,500 to $4,000, a lot of people think twice before joining the EV community.

VSAC changes all that. You can convert your current bike into a smart e-bike in a matter of minutes and at a fraction of the cost.

Find out more about EV Culture

If you'd like to know more about Volektra and the products we develop, or you just want to find out more about EV culture and how it helps us all, get in touch.

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